EL156 SE

EL156 IS ONE OF THE BEST TUBE in the world

made by telefunken in the golden ages, 
and was used in a lot of PRO. amps, in cutting lathes, studios. etc...made by
and the legendary NEUMANN cutting LATHE the LV60,
which was in the years of 1950-60' One of a standard equipment  
analog Records workshops/studios
the EL156 made by telefunken for a 10.000 hours lifetime. 
the OLD german AUDIO tubes much better 
than new CULT tubes (300B, 211, 845 made in far east)
For tubeguru.eu the MAIN IMPORTANT IS 
This is an AMAZING EL156 SE Tube Amplifier, 
with and HUGE BIG Output transformer for 

a very deep Bass+high!

lI can tell you,-very hard to build better:-) on a test in all measurement and 
OLD SCHOOL SOUND kills the famous old or new amps!
Spec: The Names Tells everything for Tube Expert:) 
the BEST TUBE RECTIFIER circuit instead of simply DIODE!!!
Output Impedance: 4-8 OHM 
Frequency response: 8Hz-55.000Hz
max OutPut Power:2x17 Watts
the Power transf. 550watts/117Volts/230Volts 
Input terminal: 2xRCA

adjustable BIAS +feedback

stepped volumecontrol
* OLD Siemens Capacitors*

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