TubeMann RIAA MC+MM Phono +2xLine In full Tube Preamplifier

We had build a new phono which is based the legendary Neumann WV 2 Riaa.It is full balanced with transformers, and we build with Vacuumsmelze (dated 1977) MC transformers 1:20. We used small akkus like in the neumann there are. The tubes telefunken EF804s and E82CC. The poti is NOBLE NOSthe PSU is a brand new design, and much more better than our previous was and 10x better than neumann.I promise It is really a audio note killer.

One of my client (he had bought more units from me in the past), wrote 

"i took time to get the adapters. yesterday i have heard the first time - the phono is wonderful, hypnotic, more life i had hoped !! thanks!”

and Mr Robert Fuchs wrote:

"Ok, I will ship it to you. Yes, I really like the sound of your new phono. It is better than your "old" ECC808-Reference Phono, I think.

Best regards: Robert” 

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