F2a Push Pull 2x40 watts 2

F2a11 or EL12
Push-Pull monoblocks ,
this amp is a V69 killer I had compared with telefunken V69b, this f2a11 PushPull is much better

THE F2a11 IS ONE OF THE BEST TUBE in the world
made by SIEMENS in the golden tube ages (10.000 hours lifetime), and was used in a lot of amps,
KLANGFILM, SIEMENS, TELEFUNKEN, push pull studio amplifiers
My opinion the OLD german AUDIO tubes much better
than new chinese CULT tubes (300B, 211, 845)
The tubeguru.hu is building tube amplifiers
I prefer the OLD german AUDIO tubes!

This AMAZING F2a Push-Pull Tube Amplifier!
like a jewel! I can tell you,-very hard to build better:-)
you can see the pictures of the test and in all measurement
it is compare the famous japanese amps, & the legendary V69
Spec: The Names Tells everything for Tube Expert:)
Frequency response: 10Hz-90.000Hz -2dB/3W
OutPut Power:2x40 Watts
bias is adjustable !
the amplifier works with f2a11 (NOS Siemens tubes are include)
or works with EL12 tubes (it is not include in this listing)

the Power transf. 550watts
Input terminal:RCA +XLR
Output (speaker) banana
*Special 510 watts ! HQ. C core output transformers*
*PIO coupling capacitor*
*ECC88 driver Tubes *
*PV200 rectifier tube *
*this is the best solution for rectifiering*.
*no NOISE no HUMM, fully filtered!*
One year WARRANTY!
or if you have better F2a PP tube amplifier, for same price, I'll give it free of charge:)

here is a feedback from a happy german owner who has a same f2a from me!
"Hello Tubeguru,
sorry, I'm listen with my new amps my music every day
and don't turn on my computer.
I am very happy, it's so good!
First I change only the Poweramps and at this time I know,
I will never hear my Musical Fidelity Nu Vista M3 again.
There is more detail, more dynamic and more stereogram.
I can listen now very silent and I can hear it all exactly.
It is the best Amp I ever heard! Made by LUA or Oktave
it costs proximate 10.000 Euro. The risky busines (I never
heard Your Amps previously) pays well.
Many thanks and best regards"
M*****l K*****"

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