MINI 6360 PushPull

you could buy a

terrific sounding


2x8,5 Watts Power amplifier 

bult with Telefunken 6360 (TwinTetrode) 

the 6360 is a TWIN TETRODE 

(The twinTube works as 2 Power tube)

the driver tube is ECF82 tube TRIODE+Pentode  

the VAC OUTPUT transfomers custom designed

built in an USB DAC

(you could connect computer os any digital source)

Spec: The Names Tells everything for Tube Expert:)
Output Impedance: 4-8 OHM 
Frequency response: 12Hz-68.000Hz -2dB/3W
OutPut Power:2x8,5 Watts
more than enough for a High sens. speakers
Input terminal: HeadPhone Jack + RCA
Output (speaker) banana
output headphone: 50ohm-600ohm
electric energy POWER CONSUMPTION 
ONLY 40 watts/Hour like a LED lamp!!!
BE GREEN DO NOT KILL the planet!

power: 230volt
*no NOISE no HUMM, 
fully filtered!*

ask me about the price                                


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