Mr Art Dudley had listened our 6C33C SE at the NY Audio Show 2013 and wrote some good words (click on the green text)


a client from Munich listened our EL156 Se since 4 years, but he wanted a new toy, a 6C33C SE, here is his feedback below !

Dear John,

now that I had  enough time to listen to the 6C33C amp, I must tell you that you guys created a masterpiece. I have listened to a lot of Single Ended configurations in the past years - they all had their strenghts, but major weaknesses too. Especially the 6C33C amps I was able to check did not convince me fully. Your amp is the first one in quite a while that did so: I truely enjoyed its three-dimensionality, the nice triode resolution that almost reminded me of good 300B or 2A3, the amazing dynamics, and above all the deep and controlled bass articulation. No matter what music material I fed to my turntable - I was not able to find a true weakness. With the right sources and speakers, this amp is definetly a keeper and belongs to the small elite of champions league winners in the Single Ended tube amps category.

Keep going like this.

Best regards,

A. I.  from Munich



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