VT-4C /211 CLASS A


We had built a State Of The Art   VT-4C /211 CLASS A PushPull XRARE TUBE AMPLIFIER

Here’s your great opportunity to be the happy owner of a real rarity that is unique in the world. 

A pure Class A push pull mono tube amplifier built with VT-4C General Electric tubes. 

The VT-4C is the legendary triode with which Mr. Kondo also built an amplifier, but mostly a single ended. 

We spent a lot of time building this unique amplifier. Power optimized for the tube 

in a push pull circuit --clean Class A--  2x50 watts with the two VT-4C triodes.

 The drive tubes are two 5687 General Electric and 1 E80CC Valvo

The rectifier is a 4 x 5AW4 HYTRON tube.

 The output transformer winding with NOS Vacuumsmeltze VAC SU170 iron. The resitors are AUDIO NOTE Tantalum,

 Capacitors JUPITER COPPER FOIL (Paper & Wax), EPCOS (Siemens)

The VT-4C PushPull amplifer's sound is Terrific, very few audiophile feels the same dream, you can fly to the HEAVEN>>>>ask me about the price                                

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